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Can I get the FordPass on a used F-150?

Published on Apr 25, 2023 by Connie Smith



The FordPass app is a convenient and user-friendly application that allows Ford owners to access a variety of services right from their smartphones. With this app, Ford owners can check their vehicle's health, track their fuel efficiency, and even schedule service appointments. But can you get the FordPass on a used F-150?

The answer is yes! All Ford vehicles are eligible for the FordPass app, regardless of age or condition. Whether you have a brand-new Ford F-150 or a used one, you can download the FordPass app and start taking advantage of its features.

Once you download the app, you'll be able to access a variety of services. You can check your vehicle's health by seeing the maintenance schedule, view the troubleshooting guide, and even schedule service appointments with your local Ford dealership. On top of that, you can track your fuel efficiency, get notifications when your vehicle needs service, and even find nearby gas stations and parking spots.

The FordPass also offers a variety of exclusive savings and discounts. You can get discounts on oil changes and other services at your local Ford dealership, as well as exclusive offers from local businesses. Plus, you can get access to roadside assistance and other services that can come in handy in a pinch.

So, if you have a used F-150, you can definitely get the FordPass app and take advantage of all its features and benefits. Whether you want to track your fuel efficiency or enjoy exclusive discounts, the FordPass app has you covered. Download the app today and start taking advantage of everything it has to offer.